Just given birth? I have just the thing for you!

Have you just given birth? I have just the thing for you this week! But first, a little disclaimer. I have not given birth recently. In fact, I’ve never given birth! So what I am writing this week has come from a recommendation that a friend made me.

You see, she has given birth. Quite recently in fact! There’s been a lot of new things for her to deal with along the way. Perhaps most importantly was abrupt halt to underwear being sexy and it becoming practical. I’ve often joked with her that I have nothing to write about. Which is why my fashion blog looks so bland and bare!

She said that I should share with my readers, assuming I have some, a little bit about the maternity underwear that she has bought. Namely, the brilliant nursing bras that she bought from Amoralia. She absolutely loves them! Now, I won’t pretend to know much about the practical side of these bras. But I can judge them on their appearance, which to me, is absolutely brilliant.

So, if you have given birth recently, this might just be the thing that you’re looking for!

Berlin Fashion Week 2014

Berlin Fashion Week


So it’s another New Year, how are you all doing of those resolutions? Predictably, I’m not doing too well with mine but it is still early days yet.

One thing that does come at the start of every New Year is the Berlin fashion week. This year it kicks off on 14 January and I can’t wait. Although I would be able to make it in attendance I’m particularly looking forward to a number of shows.

The stand out from me on Tuesday, will be the Kilian Kerner Runway. I adore their work and cannot wait for the ruway show. However, there is so much going on throughout the week that it’s very difficult to simply pick a favourite.

I guess I’ll just have to wait and see until the fashion week is over and I’ve had a chance to read through all the various blog posts and articles.

I hope you’re looking forward to it as well!